The Book






This book is a FRIEND, a very trusted friend.

 Why I decided to write the book and what is it all about? – It was a very quite afternoon when an 18 years old boy called me up asking for my help. He said it so frankly over the phone: ‘You are my last resort’ – I did my best to calm him down and shortly after, I was able to convince him to come and meet me.

When he came in, I immediately noticed that his mind was somewhere else. He was completely lost with sweat all over his face. Once he sat down, he said: ‘I am thinking of killing myself. Life is of no use anymore’ Reflecting over his statement of negativity, despair and grief makes me recall the days when I was at his age! I was full of energy, happiness, and life for me was everything. How could such a person at his very young age thought of ending up his life? – He continued: “Pornography is killing me, I do not want it, yet I cannot quit”.

This is why I wrote this book, to reach out thousands and maybe millions of despaired souls, who are trapped in the cell of Porn for years and all they need is a helping hand to bring them out of the darkness of filth to the light of hope and freedom.

This book is a friend, a very trusted friend who wanted you to taste the sweetness of happiness by living according to your principles and values.

By reading every some quotes and entries, you will naturally be able to create some significant changes in your life. All you need is a step forward, and the rest of the journey shall be easier.